Play Google gravity on clicking I’m Feeling Lucky button was a fun experience on the Google homepage which was released in 2011. Many enthusiasts still continue to tìm kiếm for & enjoy playing Google gravity trick game online.

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How to activate Google gravity?

If you like the vì a Barrel Roll trick, then you will like this as well. The way it worked originally was that you have to lớn type the ‘Google gravity’ từ khóa on và then without clicking on the search icon or using the auto-suggest drop-down options, you click the I’m Feeling Lucky Button.


I particularly like when you resize the browser window lớn make it more narrow then it becomes more fun to watch how the Google homepage elements fall over each other!

We made a Google Gravity đoạn clip out of it in 2011 when it was released. You can kiểm tra out more fun videos on our Youtube Page.

Play Google Gravity Now!

Mr Doob decided to create a demo version of this fun feature và you can directly visit the site and try it out & see how it works.

If you follow the steps above to lớn activate this trick by using the ‘Google Gravity: I’m Feeling Lucky’ trick, you again get redirected by Google lớn this same page automatically which is the first search result. This is a cool way for Google to retain this feature as it seems many people still try to tìm kiếm for this.

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How does Google gravity work?

Google gravity is created by developers and is a fun way by using interactive JavaScript using clever coding. A lot of people have now created this game using different code versions và have hosted it on their own websites to lớn allow their visitors khổng lồ have fun with this feature. However, this feature is no Google Gravity is available on the Google homepage.

Gravity Trick Variations

It is also interesting khổng lồ the zero google gravity trick where all the elements would float about like in space with no gravity! Elgoog leveraged the tool using water và created Google Underwater search which shows Google page elements floating underwater.

Funny Google Doodles

Google frequently posts interactive Google doodles on their homepage like the very popular Google Pacman game and many others from time khổng lồ time. The post several Google Easter eggs on the homepage just keep the Google front page visitors interested from time to time khổng lồ visit the Google homepage.

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I’m sure advertisers would love to lớn advertise on the homepage but Google has maintained a fast loading page with a clean design không tính phí of google ads on the homepage although they continue to lớn make millions of dollars by selling google ads on the other search engine pages.