I am writing this Surface Pro 7 i5 reviews as the mother of two teenagers who use their computers for high school purposes. This Surface Pro 7 is not sponsored and no hàng hóa was provided. I have a junior in high school and freshman in high school & I will discuss the computers we got for each of them and the merits of those models for students. I will mainly be focusing on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 12.3″ cảm ứng Screen Intel chip core i5 but I will make a few comparisons khổng lồ the Acer Chromebook.

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High unique display and touch screen

The high-resolution (2736 x 1824) 12.3” PixelSense™ Display with touchscreen automatically adjusts khổng lồ lighting conditions. Auto-brightness can be disabled on the high-resolution PixelSense display, if you prefer lớn select your own screen brightness. You can select levels of pressure sensitivity for the cảm biến screen.

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Built-in cameras and sound
Surface Pro 7 Ports (headphone jack on other side)Surface Pro 7 ports

The Surface Pro 7 includes both a USB-C port & a USB-A port. It also has a Surface Connect port, microSDslot thẻ reader & headset jack. The usb type-c port is the typical kind now used for charging. The usb type-a port lớn typically used for transferring data over cables.

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Conclusion-The versatile performance of the Surface Pro 7 can’t be beat for students!

Surface Pro 7 allows for the full máy tính xách tay experience or the simple freedom of a tablet. She is one totally happy camper & the Surface Pro 7 is the best máy tính xách tay for her. It is no wonder that Surface Pro 7 won PC World‘s Editor’s Choice award.

Versatile Performance

The Surface Pro 7 can access everything she needs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel & Outlook. Sierra can vày everything she needs to vì for school on her Surface Pro 7 so it passes her productivity test. She can also use it for entertainment so it passes her streaming và web browsing test.

Peace Of Mind

Microsoft’s limited warranty adds khổng lồ my buying confidence. The 1-year limited hardware warranty và best in class support are nice lớn have. Tư vấn includes 30-day return policy, 90 days of không tính tiền technical phone support, and 12 months in-store tư vấn and technical assistance. You even get 1 miễn phí training session to transfer data và optimize performance.

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